The Absolute Equation of Philosophy

The Bio-organic Law of Thermodynamics

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Publication date: 15/04/2011
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The Absolute Equation of Philosophy is shown as a new law of thermodynamics
The Absolute Equation of Philosophy is shown to be also, a novel Bio-organic Law of Thermodynamics, with an inherent connexion to the Gibbs free energy equation of Chemical Thermodynamics. The usefulness of the former to be applied to open bioorganic systems or organisms is a godsend to modern chemists and biochemists, as is its link to Christ's earlier understanding of science, especially with regard the origin of the Holy Trinity and how this principle governs everything!
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Peter has had a wonderful career in scientific analysis elucidating organic molecular structures and studying new, previously undisclosed, laws of nature. Peter has continued his research into unravelling some of the mysteries from Antiquity, especially the origin of the Holy Trinity, which many will be surprised to see, has a firm modern basis in one novel law of physics. This Holy Grail is also the basis of Christ's Third Testament proving he knew more about science than we had previously given him credit for. This aspect of Christ's life is further expanded upon in each of Peter's texts.

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