The Adventures of Antlers, Dragon and Rodent

Stories of Antlers, Dragon and Rodent

Pages: 9
Language: English
Publication date: 21/06/2012
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The Adventures of Antlers, Dragon and Rodent is about three friends & teamwork
The Adventures of Antlers, Dragon and Rodent is a story about three friends who want to go surfing, but each have chores to do that will take all day. They learn thru teamwork that they might accomplish their goals together.

My hope is that I raise enough money thru the sale of this book version, that I am able to add illustrations to the story in the near future.

I hope that you might write a positive review. Thank you.
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Hayden Carey Humpier is currently an author of fetish erotica, enthused by the recent success of other authors in this field who have become best sellers internationally, hoping to develop a following to see where it leads.Write some words about the new author!

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