The Canduit Project

Author: Werner Rettig
Pages: 74
Language: English
Publication date: 06/08/2010
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A giant meteor threatens planet earth and is deflected. Great joy
The Canduit Project provides a glimpse into the near future when a giant rock from outer space threatens to destroy our planet and all life-forms on it .A group of brilliant people with the help of enlightened billionaires manages to build the necessary equipment to deflect the monster rock. The collective near-death experience causes mankind to elevate itself to a higher level of consciousness. Now everything becomes possible. Come along on one of the giant airships for a trip around the world. Travel to the moon via the rotating Canduit Space station and admire the unique base on the moon. Find out about Professor Bernstein (also known as Twelvestein). He built a time machine and takes the author for a trip through our past. Far out. Humour and satire are found throughout the book. In the conclusion a recipe for OSM (organic soil microbes) is presented, a must for every serious gardener. A few comments from readers follow. The Canduit Project is cleverly written and very enjoyable to read. Very interesting, I told all my friends about it.
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Rentner, Gaertner, Mausklick Poet, Autor, Vater und Grossvater. Seit 1951 in Canada.

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