The Chance Of A Sparrow - book 4

Amazing Gracie Mystery Series

Author: Fay Risner
Pages: 199
Language: English
Publication date: 01/12/2007
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Gracie has spring fever, shot at, and involved in a farmer's murder.
It's spring. Gracie is tired of retirement at the Moser Mansion Rest Home For Women in Locked Rock, Iowa. She's homesick for her farm. She would like to turn back the clock and go back to her home, back to farming. She wishes she could go back to Three Oaks farm just for a little while. To her surprise Gracie gets her wish when the renter has to take his wife and daughter to visit his wife's ailing mother. Gracie has a month to be in her home at the farm. It doesn't take long for her to decide she should watch what she wishes for. Gracie has problems with chores, and she gets locked in the outhouse. On a jaunt to pick wild strawberries she sees a naked Indian coming out of her pond and sees a neighbor's clothes scattered all over the pond dam. Everything went down hill from there. Someone shoots at Gracie when she goes mushrooming hunting in the timber. This is just some of the bad luck Gracie faces when she goes to Three Oak to farm sit.
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Hello! I'm Fay Risner and I go by booksbyfay when I post. I've enjoyed writing about the life of Nurse Hal while she struggles to understand Amish life. My books are made to give you a look into the Amish community and offer some humor along with the serious moments. Along with these books, I write a historical mystery series set in Iowa and westerns. Also, I have two books about Alzheimer's disease. I worked for many years in a local nursing home and helped my mother care for my father which gave me insight to what caregivers deal with. Switching genres when an idea comes to me gives me flexibility as a writer. Though I love to write, my husband and I live on an acreage with sheep, goats, chickens, rabbits and cats and enjoy raising a large garden and flowers. For fun past times, we go fishing in the summer and read a lot in the winter.

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