The Daughter of a Fisherman Trilogy.

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Language: English
Publication date: 27/06/2021
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JANET KOIZUMI is part elf, with extra sensory powers, teleportation being one and seeing in the dark another.
A school for assassins? A plot to control the world’s governments? Even the hybrid Japanese undercover agent, Janet Koizumi and her ex-lover David Kiev, have their doubts, for a while that is.Challenging the valleys and mountains of Poseidon’s domain, the tiny canvas-winged vessel soared on upwards, then surged on downwards, its master revelling at the confrontation. As though growing tired with his taunting ways, the sea-god relented, becalming his realm and the black shrouds parted and Sol’s rays warmed the air once more; then the warmth changed to a merciless heat as the wind faded.
Sean McKinney looked up at the burning sky and thanked his heritage; anybody else would have died or gone mad weeks ago.
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About the Author
Rebecca-Angela Suljic-Taylor (pseudonym Ellen Elizabeth Dudley) a qualified Downes-Syndrome childcarer, lives with her husband and two small daughters in Germany, near the Dutch border, after co-writing and editing over ninety e-books and numerous paperbacks of different genres with her father. The genres are Fantasy, Science-Fiction, Science-Fiction-Fantasy, Crime Thrillers, Poems, and tales of the Holocaust.

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