The Deep State of Europe

Requiem for a Dream

Author: Basil Coronakis
Pages: 276
Language: English
Publication date: 01/03/2017
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The Deep State of Europe - Requiem for a Dream
What is the European Commission?

It is the most sophisticated and the least transparent administrative machine in the
world. It is serf-reproducing, with tax-free salaries beyond fantasy, unaccountable
and with discretionary powers to violate rules and laws at will. This is the `European
Commission, which without any political legitimization, rules over you and over
another half billion Europeans, with your money.

The Department of Propaganda of the Commission, officially known as the
Directorate General of Communication and Spokesperson Service (DG COM), is
its black hole. It spends billions and, under the pretext of data protection, nobody
knows how it does. Not even the European Parliament, let alone the Member States.
Here’s just one example. In mid-December, any December of any year, DG COM
signs a contract to buy subscriptions worth €57,000. As the amount is below the
€60,000 level, no tender is required. If a citizen asks for the contract (Regulation
1049/2001), the Commission will release the name of the beneficiary and the total
amount. Yet, claiming “protection of commercial secrets”, it will not disclose the
duration of the contract.

Why? Because the € 57,000 of the contract corresponds to subscription services
for the last two weeks of the year. Subscription contracts are always stipulated on
a calendar year basis.

In the following years, the contract will be renewed (or not, depending on the
behavior of the beneficiary) every January, for the entire year (52 weeks). Although
the total amount (€1,482,000) exceeds by far the threshold of €60,000 requiring a
tender procedure to be launched, there will be no tender. Indeed, it will be only a
contract renewal not requiring any tender.
El vendedor asume toda la responsabilidad de esta entrada.
Born in Corfu, Greece, two children (Sandra and Alexander). Educated in Italy (Hydraulic Engineer, Bari and Napoli State Universities). Worked in scientific research with the State Italian Research Agency CNR (1965-1970). From 1970 until 1978 worked as Analyst to the United States government.
In 1978 founded the New Europe Media Group where worked as CEO until 2008. In 2008 until 2012 served as Ambassador, Head of the Mission of the Regional Cooperation Council, in Brussels. Since 2012, President of the Brussels based New Europe Media Group. Speaker for European Affairs in Universities and Events.

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