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The Elvin Traits of John Macgregor.

What is our Past

Pages: 29
Language: English
Publication date: 26/07/2020
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John McGregor and his family land on the planet Benign III in their FTL vessel. After making contact they discover they possess strange powers.
Introducing John Macgregor of the Solar Defence Force on a secret mission with his wife and six kids to the planet Benign III where they are informed by an ‘Alien’ named Kilos, that they are Elves, not only that they discover they are telepathic and have unusual powers such as mind control and must use them to save the entire race of Elves.
After avoiding assassination John is told he must contact his uncle, General Benjamin Forbes commander of the Terran fleet now approaching Benign. John is convinced Forbes is also an Elf and believes he can trust him.
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