The Flower is Meditating

Contemplations of a Sick Mind on the Way to Enlightenment

Author: Rainer Loveiam
Pages: 286
Language: English
Publication date: 10/10/2011
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Commentaries on daily living with unconventional, provocative so-called 'poems'
“The Flower Is Meditating” is not your ordinary “poetry”. It rather constitutes a collection of provocative and unconventional commentaries hopefully leading to an exercise in self-awareness.
“The Flower Is Meditating” is provocative; at times it is cynical and sarcastic and as such is stimulating, even entertaining and hilarious. It plays with social and political issues, love, sexuality, marriage and the constant challenges between man and woman, man and his environment, man and authority, man and death, and Man and God. Underneath, however, is the current of love that connects all our lives and which belongs to each individual in a world of contrasts which often lacks justice, peace and compassion. “The Flower Is Meditating” is a treasure chest of unspoken truths and a vehicle to transcend cultural taboos and prejudices. Reading “The Flower” can help to understand our own helplessness, our personal dilemma, our isolation, our fears, our denial, our lack of courage and morality.

The emphasis in “The Flower Is Meditating” is not on being “poetically correct” but rather on what will motivate her readers to take a good look at what is offered and often considered “unconventional”. The poems are simple and yet complex, captivating and memorable, satirical and inspiring. “The Flower” teaches to be in the present moment. Thoughts that come out of stillness will generate inner peace. “The Flower Is Meditating” will speak to you out of that essence. With quiet l istening its audible movements may turn into the light of sudden understanding. It is up to the reader to judge how “The Flower Is Meditating” is meeting such high expectations and can fulfill its claim of not only being “socially responsible” but also be effective in creating a space for consciousness.

“Nobody has ever been harmed by bliss” Rainer Loveiam
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Rainer Loveiam has been an enthusiastic explorer of the human mind and world traveler all of his life. Leaving Germany at a young age during the “student’s revolution” he found answers to many of life’s questions and challenges in other cultures and countries and never stopped to ask more questions. While exploring the limits and deeper meaning of life and spirituality he studied Eastern and Western Psychology, Political Science, Anthroposophy, Yoga, Tantra, Meditation, Tai Chi, Taoism, Occultism, Holistic Health, Sustainable Farming and effective natural techniques to obtain Optimum Health. Seeking the ultimate experience he found it to be present in daily living, in the present moment – on the job, in the family or in the daily encounter with self-observation. Suffering accompanies life as a mother is nursing her young child every day. Experiencing the divine presence suffering becomes a vehicle for Transformation and Enlightenment.

Born and raised in post war Germany, Rainer has experienced the results of war and how a new society was formed out of a world in ruins. In today’s world where conflict in societies and families is rampant and difficult to resolve mankind needs to look inside to find the answers that can lead to a free world in which people can think for themselves and act accordingly to create peace for everyone incl. the underprivileged and disenchanted.

Rainer Loveiam has worked and lived the last 8 years in Thailand, guiding groups and individuals through the self-help process of reaching Optimum Health. It is man’s birthright to be healthy, prosperous and happy. Anything less will not do during this lifetime. Working on “The Flower Is Meditating” began in 2010 when Rainer was visiting Bali. Bali has a unique spiritual atmosphere which can lead to a breakthrough in awareness/consciousness and a lessening of the barriers that exist between us as individuals and the demands and pressures of our time.

You can contact Rainer at and he will send you details about his upcoming rejuvenation retreats/programs in Thailand and other destinations.

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