The Haunted Mountain

Pages: 22
Language: English
Publication date: 01/10/2014
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Another adventure with Breckinridge Elkins!
The reason I despises tarantulas, stinging lizards, and hydrophobia skunks is because they reminds me so much of Aunt Lavaca, which my Uncle Jacob Grimes married in a absent-minded moment, when he was old enough to know better.
That-there woman's voice plumb puts my teeth on aidge, and it has the same effect on my horse, Cap'n Kidd, which don't generally shy at nothing less'n a rattlesnake. So when she stuck her head out of her cabin as I was riding by and yelled 'Breck-in-ri-i-idge,' Cap'n Kidd jumped straight up in the air, and then tried to buck me off.
'Stop tormentin' that pore animal and come here,' Aunt Lavaca commanded, whilst I was fighting for my life against Cap'n Kidd's spine-twisting sun- fishing. 'I never see such a cruel, worthless, no-good—'
She kept right on yapping away until I finally wore him down and reined up alongside the cabin stoop and said: 'What you want, Aunt Lavaca?'
She give me a scornful snort, and put her hands onto her hips and glared at me like I was something she didn't like the smell of.
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