The human right to feel

emotional art photography

Author: Eva Nasr
Pages: 84
Language: English
Publication date: 01/12/2016
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The human right to feel is art photography of mood related portraits plus text
THE HUMAN RIGHT TO FEEL is an art photography project with four main characters: A 83 years old woman, a 13 years old boy, a 40 years old woman and a 32 years old man. The work shows those characters in various emotional states, accompanied by written thoughts about each state of emotion.
The pictures show vividly the change of facial mimics in different situations and make obvious what a huge impact feelings have on our lives.
According to our temper we are seen as a wide range of personalities by our fellows. All in one person. All in all of us. Our faces change quickly, often within seconds. Our faces change dramatically, still we remain the same.
We create the picture people have about us. With our emotions we draw lines in our faces, which artificially paints a life´s picture of who we are, what we went through, what we enjoyed, what we lived.
An old woman´s life experiences, a young boy´s innocence, a young man´s grief,a woman´s pain.....
Disgust, anger, anguish, joy, happiness, surprise, depression, love, fun, fear....there are uncountable feelings to be expressed by and in our faces.
This book offers a small insight in the world of feelings, stressing out the importance of not hiding them, as long as nobody is getting hurt .
So enjoy the journey through the emotional landscape, let yourself fall down the water-slide of feelings...if you look in a face long enough, you can synchronize with that feeling and feel real empathy... and next time you feel that way, you won´t feel alone, because everybody feels. It´s a human right to FEEL.
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About the author

Eva Nasr was born 1976 in Austria, growing up in a loving home on the banks of a beautiful lake as one of two children.
She studied biology, environmental education and English and later was teaching in a middle school and working as an educational referent for the Unesco.
Since she was a child she was painting huge acryl paints, produced various pieces of art, took artistic photos and wrote poems, online columns and educational advices.
Her works focus on emotion and arise strong feelings in the observer.
The pictures, photography as well as paintings transport a load of emotional hints, with the goal of tickling out hidden emotions, negative and positive .
The strong feelings in her latest works reflect definitely a way of coping with her own inner storm, since she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis a few years ago.

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