The Iliad by Homer

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The Iliad by Homer
Annotateur Buckley, Theodore Alois, 1825-1856
Auteur Homer, 750? BCE-650? BCE
Traducteur Pope, Alexander, 1688-1744
Titre The Iliad
Langue Anglais
Classe LoC PA: Language and Literatures: Classical Languages and Literature
Sujet Classical literature
Sujet Epic poetry, Greek -- Translations into English
Sujet Achilles (Mythological character) -- Poetry
Sujet Trojan War -- Poetry

In the war of Troy, the Greeks having sacked some of the neighbouring towns, and taken from thence two beautiful captives, Chryseis and Briseis, allotted the first to Agamemnon, and the last to Achilles. Chryses, the father of Chryseis, and priest of Apollo, comes to the Grecian camp to ransom her; with which the action of the poem opens, in the tenth year of the siege. The priest being refused, and insolently dismissed by Agamemnon, entreats for vengeance from his god; who inflicts a pestilence on the Greeks. Achilles calls a council, and encourages Chalcas to declare the cause of it; who attributes it to the refusal of Chryseis. The king, being obliged to send back his captive, enters into a furious contest with Achilles, which Nestor pacifies; however, as he had the absolute command of the army, he seizes on Briseis in revenge. Achilles in discontent withdraws himself and his forces from the rest of the Greeks; and complaining to Thetis, she supplicates Jupiter to render them sensible of the wrong done to her son, by giving victory to the Trojans. Jupiter, granting her suit, incenses Juno: between whom the debate runs high, till they are reconciled by the address of Vulcan.
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