The Ins And Outs of the Swinging Lifestyle

An In-Depth How-To Guide

Author: Kat
Pages: 55
Language: English
Publication date: 01/12/2010
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An essential guide for those interested in the swinging lifestyle.
This is an essential guide for anyone, singles or couples, who are interested in becoming involved in the swinging lifestyle. From making the initial decision about whether or not it's for you, to what to do to start and what to look out for, as well as how to host a party of your own, it's all here. The author's been involved in the lifestyle for over seven years.
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Kat was born in Long Beach, California… awhile ago.

She was always interested in sex even as a child. She masturbated at an early age but didn’t know what it was back then. She just knew it felt good. As she grew older she realized that she was different from her girl friends and their puritan attitudes about anything sexual.

At age seventeen she met her first lover and continued to have sex with him for the next four years with a small interlude with another man in that time.

In that era she was considered to be “sluttish” because she was having sex before marriage.

She married at the age of twenty-one and stayed in a long unhappy marriage for the next thirty some odd years because she’d been raised to “tough it out”

During her marriage she tried everything to get her husband interested in sex. When her husband brought porn into the house his reaction to her wanting to view it was shock. His attitude was a woman’s place was in the kitchen and bedroom but not to have a mind and desires of her own. He called her oversexed. She, on the other hand, considered him under sexed.

She attempted to inflame his interest with a candle lit bedroom, pretty lingerie, and by broaching different “kinky” sex, and sex outdoors. Nothing worked.

Ultimately it wasn’t the lack of sex that caused their breakup. She finally got fed up with his controlling manner.

She then had a short affair with a man she knew and learned then that she was sought after by men who appreciated the kind of woman she is, open and honest and horny as hell.

After the short affair dissolved she advertised online on a non-sexual site for a partner of some sort and that is where she met her present partner a little over seven years ago. He was open to swinging and a different lifestyle than she had ever experienced and it was with his help that she got to live out some of her fantasy’s and still is to this day.

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