The Ketogenic Diet for Weight Loss

Why the Ketogenic Diet is the Ultimate Plan to Lose Weight Naturally

Author: David Ortner
Pages: 55
Language: English
ISBN: 9781386009214
Publication date: 01/08/2014
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The Keto Diet: To Lose Weight and Keep it Off WITHOUT Ever Going Hungry
The Ketogenic Diet for Weight Loss is your all-in-one resource losing weight, and keeping it off, with the ketogenic diet.

Losing weight is tough, but remaining overweight is worse. Worse for your health, for your self-esteem, for your lifestyle, for your wallet. The problem with losing weight is finding a solution that not only works, but that is sustainable.

That’s where the ketogenic diet comes in. The ketogenic diet has been praised by health experts (including May Clinic) and fitness coaches alike because it is sustainable, filling, and healthy, while at the same time being astonishingly effective. The ketogenic diet allows your body to use its own natural response to certain foods to burn off extra fat. And because the ketogenic diet consists of high-fat foods, you’ll never feel hungry or deprived.

And The Ketogenic Diet for Weight Loss is your quick-start guide to give you everything you need to lose weight and change your life with the ketogenic diet. It’s simple to read, easy to understand, and straightforward to use. Inside, you’ll find:
- Simple, delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and snacks
- Information about the science of the ketogenic diet and how it changes your body from the inside out
- Tips and tricks to make the ketogenic diet fit seamlessly into your life
- Advice to get the most out of the fat-burning power of the ketogenic diet
- And much more!

It’s time to change your life once and for all. Don’t wait until tomorrow, get started today with The Ketogenic Diet for Weight Loss!
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David, a California-based personal trainer and weight loss expert, was once sixty pounds overweight and so out of shape that he could barely climb the flight of stairs to his apartment. After revamping his diet and his approach to physical activity, he is happier, healthier, and eager to help others achieve the same goals. He views physical fitness holistically and is the author of a number of articles, books, and presentations focused on losing weight and developing a healthy, happy lifestyle.

In his free time, David enjoys hiking with his wife, playing basketball with his two sons, watching classic 1980’s films, and whipping up tasty meals in the kitchen.

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