The Matrikabheda Tantra

Author: Mike Magee
Pages: 100
Language: English
Publication date: 03/10/2011
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The Matrikabheda Tantra is a brief Kaula text tantra
The Matrikabheda Tantra is a brief Kaula text which, however, contains some interesting threads alluded to in only a few other tantras. For example, there are clear references to alchemy, so linking this work to Indian texts of the Raseshvaras - Lords of the Rasa or the quintessence. It also clearly sets out methods of meditation on the goddess as Kundalini at the root of the spine, alludes to sexual techniques of the Kaulas, to the pre-eminence of the guru, to Chandi, and outlines the importance of building temples, establishing tanks and the unity of the different forms of Shakti.
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