The Meaning of Surah 01 Al-Fatihah (The Opening) Открытие

From Holy Quran (Священный Коран) Bilingual Edition

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Surah 01 Al-Fatihah (The Opening) Открытие From Holy Quran (Священный Коран)
The Meaning of Surah 01 Al-Fatihah (The Opening) Открытие From Holy Quran (Священный Коран) Bilingual Edition

Surah al-Fatiḥah (Arabic: سُورَةُ الْفَاتِحَة‎) is the first chapter (surah) of The Holy Quran. Its seven verses (ayat) are a prayer for the guidance, lordship and mercy of Allah SWT(God). This chapter has an essential role in Islamic prayer (salāt). The primary literal meaning of the expression 'al-Fatiḥah' is 'The Opener,' which could refer to this Surah being 'the opener of the Book' (Fatiḥat al-kitab), to its being the first Surah recited in full in every prayer cycle (rakʿah), or to the manner in which it serves as an opening for many functions in everyday Islamic life. Some Muslims interpret it as a reference to an implied ability of the Surah to open a person to faith in God.
The name al-Fatiḥah ('the Opener') is due to the subject-matter of the surah. Fatiḥah is that which opens a subject or a book or any other thing. In other words, a sort of preface.

The word الفاتحة came from the root word فتح which means to open, explain, disclose, keys of treasure etc. That means sura Al-Fatiha is the summary of the whole Quran. That is why we recite another Ayat or sura along with Fatiha in our prayers. That is, sura Al-Fatiha is paired with rest of the whole Quran. It is also called Umm Al-Kitab ('the Mother of the Book') and Umm Al-Quran ('the Mother of the Quran'); Sab'a al Mathani ('Seven repeated [verses]', an appellation taken from verse 15:87 of the Quran); Al-Hamd ('praise'), because a hadith narrates Muhammad as having said that God says: 'The prayer [al-Fatiḥah] is divided into two halves between Me and My servants. When the servant says, 'All praise is due to God', the Lord of existence, God says, 'My servant has praised Me'.'; Al-Shifa' ('the Cure'), because a hadith narrates Muhammad as having said: 'The Opening of the Book is a cure for every poison.', Al-Ruqyah ('remedy' or 'spiritual cure')., and al-Asas, 'The Foundation', referring to its serving as a foundation for the entire Quran.

Surah Al-Fatiḥah is often believed to be a synthesis of The Holy Quran. It in itself is a prayer at the very beginning of the Quran, which acts as a preface of the Quran and implies that the book is for a person who is a seeker of truth—a reader who is asking a deity who is the only one worthy of all praise (and is the creator, owner, sustainer of the worlds etc.) to guide him to a straight path. It can be said to 'encapsulate all of the metaphysical and eschatological realities of which human beings must remain conscious.'

Сура аль-Fatiḥah (арабский: الْفَاتِحَة سُورَةُ) является первой главы (суры) Священного Корана. Его семь стихов(аят) являются молитвой о руководстве, господстве и милости Аллаха СВТ (Бога). Эта глава играет важную роль в Исламской молитве (salāt). Первичный буквальный смысл выражения 'Аль-Fatiḥah' - это 'нож', который может относиться к этой суры как 'открывалка книги' (Fatiḥat аль-Китаб), его первая сура читается в полном объеме в каждой молитве цикла (rakʿah), или манера, в которой он служит открытием для многих функций в повседневной Исламской жизни. Некоторые мусульмане интерпретируют его как ссылку на подразумеваемую способность Суры открыть человеку веру в Бога.

Название Аль-Фатиха ('открывалка') связано с предметом суры. Fatiḥah, которое открывает тему или книгу или любую другую вещь. Другими словами, своего рода предисловие. Слово الفاتحة пришли от корня слова فتح что означает открывать, объяснять, раскрывать, ключи сокровища и т. д. Это означает, что сура Аль-Фатиха является резюме всего Корана. Вот почему мы читаем другой аят или суру вместе с Фатихой в наших молитвах. То есть, сура Аль-Фатиха в паре с остальной частью всего Корана.
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