The author, Gopal R. Kolekar was born in a village named Kangrali B.K. in India.

Author: Gopal Kolekar
Pages: 188
Language: English
Publication date: 20/02/2021
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The author, Gopal R. Kolekar was born in a village named Kangrali B.K. in India. He is certified with Mech. Engg.
I was inspired to write this book by observing as to what is presently happening on the earth such as Global hunger, Child labor, Global warming, Corruption, Illiteracy and Poverty of the people in some countries and Terrorism and Guerilla warfare. I am paying very serious attention to this matter. It just amounts to unscientific administrative policy or a chaotic policy followed by a few countries and purposely some countries are indulging in terrorism tactics. Some governments pursue this policy resolutely with a view to terrorize the inhabitants of the earth. It can be seen that in a few countries the political leaders are following the present independent administrative policy of each country in a persistent manner.
I already have to my credit a book titled, “HOW SHOULD THE INDIAN EDUCATION SYSTEM BE?” This book was published in October 2009 and was well received among various quarters and I have also mentioned about the newly designed Green Plus symbol in the same book.
I had sent a copy of the book to the President of India andWhite House. However, I find that they are not following my instructions regarding educational policies which are mentioned in my book. I also noticed that for the purpose of money and status they are continuously misleading the citizens of a few countries in the world.
I have been a keen observer of this and have found that they are purposefully doing this, but I am a scientist in HRD studyand one HRD scientist is equal to God in respect of knowledge and power also. I cannot tolerate any kind of inhuman /illegal activities on the earth. By seeing this I am changing the world’s Administrative Policy as per the directions mentioned in this book.
I appeal to the earth’s inhabitants to usher in this new Administrative Policy in the interest of the world with a view to have everlasting peace and the resulting satisfaction as to their lifespan on this planet.
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