The Quantum Cosmic Affirmations

Inspirational Channelling of Light Vibrations

Pages: 186
Series: quantum healing arts (vol. 1)
Language: English
ISBN: 9783966334143
Publication date: 06/01/2020
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Quantum Touch, Healing Arts, Spiritual Resonance, Universal Healing Agendas, Cosmic Attunements, SIDDHI POWERS,
It is a new ‘light software’ for your ‘operating system’ – consciousness, which is ‘encoded’ with high spectrum of luminous healing vibes of the Universal Language of Light, specially designed by Professional Quantum Healers to help you to restore Your Cosmic Divine Potential on Supramental Level, and run your ‘every day program’ smoothly, in ‘Quantum Attunement’ with the Universal Stream of Light!!! This ‘Quantum healing program’ for Your personal ‘Activation’ has specially ‘synchronized algorithms’ of ‘Cosmic Attunements’ and ‘Quantum Healing Affirmations’ - the energetic ‘tools’ to clean all your subtle bodies and purify all your personal energy-fields. They will help you to rejuvenate and re-balance All spheres of Your Life, to restore the Original Cosmic Blueprint of Your Universal Potential, Cure You Deeply from inside and support in every day of your ‘transition’ into a Higher , More BALANCED STATE OF MINDFULLNESS!!! @ Just take it easy and enjoy creating these ‘light formulas’, only by inSpiration, additionally to your everyday Spiritual Practice in ‘Mindfulness Meditation’ and ‘Yoga Activities’!!!
“…This New, Innovative Healing tools are TOTALLY Protected by the Most Secure Scientific DataBase, covering huge spectrum of studies in: Quantum Physics, Quantum Dynamics, Neuro-Linguistics, Vibrational Healing Arts, Multi-linguistic Programs for Deep Rejuvenation in ‘DNA CODES - Quantum Updates’... ( the integrated part of the newest researchings in the United RESONANCE project for Quantum Physics in Healing Arts, via ‘Universal-DataBase’).” - ( Resonance Project, Practical QUANTUM TOOLS )
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