The secrete of a successful Relationship & Marriage

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Publication date: 01/01/2017
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the secrete of a successful Relationship & Marriage
This book the secrete of a successful Relationship & Marriage covers a great part in relationships as well as life, also ensure you’re having a good life time with your couple, kids, family and friends.
On Chapter one of this book, we cover how to build a strong relationship and partnership with your love once, the different Moves of Understanding and why you need to have a great Intimacy with your partner on what there may like, dislikes and moments of feeling happy. Furthermore we put some perfect steps, methods and means in discovering and developing your common interest and hobbies with your partner to save too much conflicts as this cause divorce in homes and breakups in relationships. We also went further to touch one of the key points in a relationship as well as couples life “What will I buy to my partner as a gift, birthday ...etc.” You don’t need to border anymore just take a deep reading and put it in practice you will achieve your goal , be it middle class, poor or billionaire knowing your partner preferred dressing mode and colours make you all times ultimate partner. Infact if their dressing mode as well as mixed colours of dressing doesn’t suits your outing with friends , colleagues and family Don’t think much again as we got a good package on how to go over it without any conflict.
On Chapter two of this book, we mostly cover marriage. What couples and partners are afraid of this days. We sort out the different engagement you need to take in your life before marriage if you’re really ready. We furthermore discussed on the Types of marriages we face today, political, royal, religions, tradition ….etc. arranged marriages without couples happiness or concern (great article awaits you to overcome that difficult moment) and we also gave more light too on Marriage with couples in love. Not forgetting that, It’s not only to get married or know how to make your partner happy in bed but the greatest part in marriage awaits you, in which we have brought forth your attention by explaining in details how to Management your home responsibilities with your partner after marriage. Nevertheless after marriage and having kids, what next? Are my kids going to be streets gang stars, arm robbers or terrorist? As we all know Education and future of our kids depends on successful Marriage and how the kids are been trained to face reality and public. We also research and brought out some suitable means in which Couples can prepare their kids for great future.
On Chapter three of this book, we cover most difficult part to overcome in marriage and relationship, which is conflicts and how to resolve them with short notice. We sort out some of the common conflicts in marriage and relationship like Finances Conflicts, Children Discipline Conflicts, Sex Conflicts, In-Laws, Extended Family and friend Conflicts, Ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends Conflicts … etc. just to mention a few and also explain in details on how to overcome and resolve them quick with strategic methods of approach.
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Arrey John Arrey was born in mamfe, Cameroon and grow up in a polygamous home. Hé is married with two lovely kids.

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