This is Thailand

Author: Jeffrey Johnson
Pages: 196
Language: English
ISBN: 9786162450952
Publication date: 16/01/2013
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Unexpected Danger
Unexpected Danger

I was walking around at work and deliberating the day’s activities that were ahead of me, when my mobile phone rang. It was my wife calling who had dropped me off, not more than thirty minutes before. She was frantic and crying. “I’m in the car. Something bit me – I’m Pain – I’m pain!”

The best I could do was to tell her I was coming and would meet her at the hospital. I dropped everything and ran for the door. As quick as I could make my way down to the first floor, I notified someone in the office that I had an emergency, and I was leaving. I ran to the front of the building and flagged down a motorcycle taxi. They are easy to spot by the blue vests they wear, with the large numbers printed on the front and the back. Of course I can’t speak enough Thai to tell him where I wanted to go and he could not understand my English. But in my haste, he understood my emergency and I just pointed. Away we went, with me pointing the turns out, until we got to the hospital.

I dashed to the front desk and wrote my wife’s name on a piece of paper with a question mark below it……
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Jeffrey Johnson was born with the spirit of adventure. By the time he was four he had climbed up to the top of a big tree in his back yard. He had no idea why the people below him were running here and there until his mother started to call his name. When he answered her she panicked and told him not to move, at which time she sent his older cousin up to safely bring him back down.

As the father of six, and the grandfather of six more, he loves to share his stories and photographs with his family and friends. So he is always typing out something, or a story, that he feels will find some wide eyes along the way.

More recently he has been living in Thailand where he enjoys the culture and traveling with his wife.

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