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An End of the World Thriller

Pages: 355
Language: English
Publication date: 30/05/2011
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A masterminded pandemic. A mysterious survivor. A race for survival.
Their baby daughter suffocates in their arms. A mysterious illness takes her life almost instantly. Then, Derek Silverman and his wife find their city littered with dead bodies. No survivors anywhere. For an unknown reason, only they are alive.

Using an amateur radio, Derek tries to reach anyone who will answer him.

That is his biggest mistake.

The perpetrators of the global pandemic receive the radio transmission and dispatch killers. Almost too late, Derek and his wife realize an unknown group caused this and will stop at nothing to kill them too.

They are now on the run for their lives in a human-less world.
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Action and adventure are what you’d expect in one of Nathan Pennington’s stories. Since he’s also always been an introvert (and no, that’s not a bad thing), he frequently uses internal dialog and the quirky thoughts of his characters show through in his writing.

A writer of both novels and short stories, Nathan draws on a wide range of experiences to make his stories realistic and exciting. If asked, his best source for writing material comes from merely observing what is really happening all around him on a daily basis.

Nathan currently lives with his wife and daughter in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

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