Helpless ship

No one will escape

Author: Håkon Ølesund
Pages: 365
Language: English
Publication date: 01/02/2016
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Who once enters your catches, will never escape their inhuman practices.
A tighter circle of highly trained men founded a successful personnel services company that specializes in security. Steve is the head of this company. The expansion like of the security company is undaunted and occupied all important key positions in business, politics, administration and security agencies with your own trained people. Ominous is looming the unsuspecting humanity. True intentions to remain hidden to the public. What dark secret is really behind this company? The goal is total control of humanity. The methods are enforced with brutal severity. Steve's staff are clearly defined, well-structured and mercilessly well trained. The company also established a powerful death Brigade, which operates in the background. That the target has set itself, the scum of humanity, rid the world. People who never resurface disappear in mysterious ways.
Who once enters your catches, will never escape their inhuman practices. A merciless race for freedom and peace is afoot. The manhunt has begun.
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1967 I was born in Hamburg and live in northern Germany. Late my schooling I graduated from a boarding school in the commercial sector. After training, I suggested my professional career in a publishing house in the service Sector. In order to expand my possibilities, I have during my professional activity I practised further knowledge of established aid organizations, which I filled with great joy.

My social commitment represents a great diversity and enrichment and completes the overall picture that has shaped me to this day. In my spare time I supplement my activities with photography that means relaxation for me. In addition, I like to ride a bike and am much in the wild to bring spirit and soul balanced in harmony. Travelling to near and far countries is synonymous for me to get to know cultures and their inhabitants. Besides writing, family and friends are especially important to me.

Beside the classic hobbies, writing for me is a passionate joy of life. I mainly refer to my inspiration and creative power as a source of power from nature. The art of writing inspires and encourages me to share with my readers some of my positive attitude towards life. I did not set myself up for a particular genre, but write where it is after me. This, however, with devotion and consequence. For me as an author it is very important to exercise my artistic freedom self-determined, without any external influence.

For this reason, all works written by me have been created without any external support. From the layout/cover to the written word everything is done exclusively in-house.

\"Those who love diversity should not swim with the current. Those who swim only with the current do not believe in diversity, but in the ingenuity of the public. \"

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