Murder Genes

Author: Mikael Aizen
Pages: 300
Language: English
Publication date: 15/04/2011
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Horror-Thriller part Battle Royale, Minority Report, and Running Man
Mon, Jan 20, 2003--TIME magazine publishes an article entitled 'Children and Violence: The Search for a Murder Gene.' This article describes two early-teen brothers bludgeoning their father to death with a bat and theorizes that the brothers possess a defective gene resulting in too much of the enzyme monoamine oxidase A. The enzyme's action is to destroy a neurotransmitter that keeps a person happy and calm.

This is one of many articles describing the search for a Murder Gene.

In a world where government propaganda and modern science makes genetic code out to be deterministic--behaviors like entrepreneurship, sexual orientation, and Murder have all been identified. A universal holocaust is in motion to eliminate 'The Code,' the gene for murder, and 9-year-old Kyle and his father Jay are torn apart when Jay is found carrying the murder gene.

As father struggles for survival within the walls of Murderer City to someday-somehow see his son again, Kyle must fight for his own freedom when he is caught in the psychological experimentation of a scientist bent on disproving The Code.

MURDER GENES combines cutting-edge scientific theories with real questions about free choice, ethics, and morality, putting it all on a plate of sick and twisted for the reader to enjoy.
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Mikael Aizen is the author of Murder Genes. He has been professionally published elsewhere, but this is his first foray into self-publishing.

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