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Mysteerie Manor

An eerie mansion with a personality of its own.

Author: Sharon Hays
Pages: 381
Language: English
Publication date: 29/10/2011
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An edge of your seat paranormal thriller with a twist to keep you on the brink..
The intended audience is aimed at young adult and up.

A paranormal, thriller, mystery based in Boulder, Colorado, where a young woman finds herself wound up in a thrilling mystery surrounding a 100 year old mansion that she has had her eye on for years. Surprising and terrifying experiences keep bubbling to the surface keeping readers omn the edge until the very last word, and leaves them wanting more. A horror, with a twist, the Mysteerie series has now become a trioligy with # 2 already published and #3 just around the corner, waiting to satisfy your paranormal hunger for more nail biting, chilling terror.

Read this one and I guarantee you'll be back for Mysteerie Manor II in short order. And when # 3 hits the market, I guarantee you'll be there waiting........
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Sharon started writing poetry years ago and merged into short stories.She seems
to get urges to spill words at any time. Happy, sad or in-between, she can come up
with something to fit any occasion at the drop of a hat. After retiring in 2005, from
entrepreneurship for most of her life, she moved to Tampa and that’s when the novels
began to emerge. A mystery novel in 2010, a children’s book next and then the sequel to Mysteerie Manor took hold. She recently started her own publishing label and submitted two books for publishing Oct. 2011. One is an art/poetry compilation, "An Opulent Tableau of Essence" and a second children's book, "Adventures of Sadie Ladybug." Recently, she has been contemplating the idea for her autobiography and now she says, “I think it’s time to tell the story of the amazing and wonderful life I have lived.” Meanwhile who knows what’s next with this writer. Whenever the whim hits her, she can’t stop until it’s complete.

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