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Sonoran Justice

Author: Dave Folsom
Pages: 325
Language: English
Publication date: 06/04/2013
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A Charlie Draper suspense thriller
The assassination of an Arizona rancher, embroils Charlie Draper in the U.S. southern border wars. The question is why would anybody kill a worn out rancher on his starve-to-death? The rancher’s daughter wants to know and hires Draper to find out. When his client is beaten near death and a hired killer guns down his friend, it becomes personal. Draper and his helicopter-flying Apache friend travel into Mexico to find local help and discover surprising support for the cartel’s activities from an unexpected source. The second of three fast-paced novels with action, adventure and intrigue involving Charlie Draper.
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Dave Folsom started writing stories and essays at an early age. After taking a course in creative writing on a whim he began writing in earnest influenced by the many colorful characters he’d met while traveling new places and occupations. Some, though not all, of the characters and events depicted in his prose are based on these experiences. They tweaked his imagination and demanded their story told. The rest are products of a wild imagination. His work in print includes Finding Jennifer, Scaling Tall Timber, The Dynameos Conspiracy, The Zeitgeist Project and a compilation of short stories under the title Running with Moose.
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