The Cheetahman

On the Invitation of a wild Cheetah Family in the Serengeti

Author: Matto Barfuss
Pages: 152
Language: English
ISBN: 9783981578539
Publication date: 07/06/2020
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Matto Barfuss is the Cheetahman. He did something mankind just dreams of. He lived for many month as an accepted member on his hand and knees among wild cheetahs in the Serengeti in Africa. This book is a unique documentary about living in the wild!
This book tells the extraordinary story of one man, who—for at least a while— became a cheetah. Many unusual and brilliant photographs, a text written in Africa, drawings and paintings tell of the fascinating relationship between one man and a family of cheetahs. Having met his cheetah family in the Serengeti in June 1996, the author accompanied them for a total of 17 weeks. During this time, he was able to record decisive happenings in the life of this family of cats, witnessed how the cubs learnt to hunt and was able to document very interesting behavioral observations from close up.
An unusual book about an unusual encounter
Matto H. Barfuss is an established artist and photographer. For a period of two years, he traveled eight times for many weeks across the East African wilderness. He is now highly respected as one of the most experienced travelers of the famous Serengeti in Tanzania.

Matto Barfuss is once again on a journey through the Serengeti steppes when
he notices an indistinguishable speck on the horizon: it turns out to be a female cheetah
with her five two-month-old cubs. After following the
cheetahs in his Land Rover for three weeks, he decides to
leave the safety of the vehicle and to get into direct contact with these predators.
This is the beginning of a thrilling and unique story, in which the cheetahs eventually
accept the author as a member of the family. For the next 17 weeks, he wanders—mostly on all fours—with the family through the endless grass steppes of the Serengeti.
This book is Matto Barfuss’ declaration of love for the fastest cats in the world.

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