Living and working in Spain.

International Edition with addresses of all Consulates.

Author: Rainer Nemayer
Pages: 139
Language: English
Publication date: 27/01/2011
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Do you want to emigrate to Spain? Then first read this book.
This book is to anyone who wants to live in Spain and also need housing and work.
Because it is translated with Google, I apologize for little mistakes.
Here is the new issue of living and working in Spain.
The example of a 3-member family from Germany shows how to emigrate to Spain and what is required of money.
This is of course for all residents of the European Union.
There's a way how this is possible with less capital, is described.
You can also find which documents you need and how to get this.
Information about incorporation and addresses of consulates.
International edition with addresses of all consulates in Spain.
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Here I have to write about myself a little.
I was born in July 1945 in Upper Bavaria. Already in for & uuml; hester childhood I have nothing but lived with and also believed nothing I have not seen or only when it has been clearly demonstrated.
My first school years I spent in Spain. At age 12 I returned to Germany. Since my Spanish education was not recognized at that time in Germany, I finished elementary school and learned Photographer afterwards. In the period also my first short stories were published.
Since 1998 I live in Spain again.
A good extra income, were and are my short stories. Also like to read my books and my photos are very popular.

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