A Taste of South-Easter

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Publication date: 15/01/2013
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Memories of unusual Cape Town characters, queer shops, etc of 100 years ago
Memories of unusual Cape Town characters, queer shops and shows, old bars, hotels and cafes and the panorama of streets from 100 years ago.

Lawrence Green was a South African journalist and author. Eschewing any grandiose view of his literature and his lifestyle, he wrote for the layman and general reading entertainment as a raconteur. As such his writings, though well populated with researched fact through his wide travels and many hours of research in the South African and British archives, do not constitute in any strict sense historical or academic reference works. Nevertheless, he remains frequently cited as a recorder of little remembered or noted fact of some historical or cultural significance in the southern African domain. (Source: Wikipedia).

This book deals with the Cape Peninsula and covers some fascinating topics relating to Cape Town's history such as:
- Early history and customs of the Malays in Cape Town
- Shipwrecks and Treasure Hunting
- Spices
- Bars and Barmen
- Honey Farming
- Cigars and Tobacco farming
- Cape Town 'Chamber of Horrors'
- Origins of Biltong
- Origins of Babotie
- SA Museum's Taxidermist
- Early Chemist trade
- Early Dentistry
- Long Street Shops
- Cigarette Cards
- Early Trams
- Cooking and Local Recipes

His books are now long out of print. Mr Green died a bachelor without any heirs and the original publishing company has long since ceased to exist and Mr Green's works are therefore considered to be in the public domain. This ePub book has been completely re-edited with the layout and errors corrected, a proper index added, footnotes correctly added for a digital ebook, etc. All South Africans (and others interested in South African culture and customs 100 years ago) can enjoy this ePub book. It is a piece of Africana history in its own right.

Completely re-edited in ePub format by Danie van der Merwe - Jan 2013.
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