Israel and Palestine

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Author: Sian
Pages: 2
Language: English
Publication date: 17/08/2011
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Travelexperience, local knowledge
The following article is based on first-hand experience and observation while traveling the region. After manyinterviews and dialugues with the locals either in Isarael and the Palestinian territories I tried to put all the information in some kind of order to make the situation understandable. The conflict is overwhelming, so are the people, and unfortunately no one is neither the sinner nor the saint.
The following text is meant for everyone who would like to read about the region, the conflict and the mentalit; for everyone who is interested in more than just politics and figueres and who would like to read about the big picture.
Hopefully you'll take away some curiosity about the topic and there will stay some questions in your head to think about.
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