Types of Herbal Tea

Exotic herbal tea from around the world and their health benefits

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Publication date: 16/11/2020
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Types of Herbal Tea: Exotic herbal tea from around the world and their health benefits, uses, flavours and tea recipes.
A book for tea enthusiast, connoisseur, dietitian or anyone who wants to live a healthier lifestyle.

-Learn about exotic herbal tea from around the world, their health benefits origins and flavours. Herbal teas aren't essentially ‘tea’ as it’s not from the camellia sinensis plant but takes the name because it is processed and consumed the same way as tea.

-Learn about different types of herbal tea from many countries around the world and tisane from traditional medicine such as herbal teas from TCM, Japanese and Korean medicine, Ayurveda, Amazonian traditional medicine, superfoods from Australia etc

-Types of herbal teas explores healthy teas such as aphrodisiac tea, Chinese herbal tea, Japanese tea, herbal tea for weightloss, tea for energy boost and athletic performance, herbal laxative tea, herbal tea for anxiety, insomnia, calming tea, herbal tea for constipation, herbal tea for bloating and much more.

-Learn about teas that are superfood or natural leaf sweeteners like stevia, monk fruit, yacon syrup, agave nectar etc.
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