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Typhoon Season

Love and death in the harlot city

Author: David Baird
Pages: 226
Language: English
Publication date: 20/05/2011
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Fast-paced thriller set in an exotic Hong Kong
Set in Hong Kong in the fading days of the British Empire, Typhoon Season paints a vivid picture of this colony living on borrowed time.
Sinister forces are at work in the so-called Pearl of the Orient, peopled by Triad gangsters, crooked policemen, sophisticated socialites with secrets to hide, a kung-fu film star with lethal fists.
A meddling reporter ends up running for his life. That's the penalty for asking too many questions — about a body floating in the South China Sea, a missing heroin stash, corruption in high places...
As a Chinese friend tells the reporter: 'This is a harlot city. All it’s interested in is those who pay cash. Those who can afford the dues get their way. Those who can’t get kicked into the gutter.
'Yesterday you were a valued client, a foreign devil with all the privileges. You could buy survival. But not any more. There’s no place for Lancelot here. He’s sealed into his suit of armour. What can he do for a harlot?”
Critics have acclaimed Typhoon Season, pointing out it has all the ingredients for a box-office hit.
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Author David Baird has worked around the world, reporting for major international newspapers and magazines. When writing Typhoon Season, he made us of the background knowledge acquired when he worked in Hong Kong as a journalist — both when it was a British colony and later when it returned to Chinese rule.

Now based in Spain, David has written a number of fiction and non-fiction books, which have been translated into several languages (they are available on order at bookshops and through Amazon).

His novel, Don't Miss The Fiesta!, is a chilling tale about a stranger who seeks the simple life in a Spanish village only to find himself embroiled in passionate intrigues.

His book Sunny Side Up — The 21st century hits a Spanish village is based on first-hand experience of how dramatic changes have come to Spain. It's witty, insightful, nostalgic, taking you behind the white walls of a rural community.

His documentary, Between Two Fires, gives a poignant account of a forgotten guerrilla war in southern Spain in the 1940s. Acclaimed by historians and Hispanists.

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