UFO: My Lying Eyes

A True Story

Author: Sheryl Trimble
Pages: 632
Language: English
Publication date: 29/06/2011
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She was eleven years old when she stood directly under the first UFO
See why over 6000 copies have sold in America in less than one week.
Sheryl's true story hit the eBook shelves in late April of 2011 and has caused an uproar in her part of the country. Thousands are now coming forward after reading her story to disclose what they have also been hiding: THE TRUTH ABOUT UFOs.

Once you read her book 'you' may also realize you are one of the people that is directly involved without ever realizing it before .
Be aware of the life changing experience you might run into by reading her book.

My Lying Eyes is without a doubt one of the Best Selling Books of the times and is expected to hit the New York Best sellers list within the year.
You will agree this true story will catch your interest and have it hanging til the end.

From the dynamic beginning to the startling conclusion!

One review states: 'A meticulously complied true story written with a clever mixture of biography, disclosure & knowledge.'
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Winner of literary awards for her essays -GIRL POWERS- She has written two relationship self help books, SiN LIFE'S UPSIDE DOWNS - SiN LIFE'S INSIDE OUTS. She has co-authored six New Age Guides including... LEARN HOW NEW TECHNOLOGIES CAN BE USED IN ACADEMIA, a study guide for Medical Law. With over 14 years of ghost/shadow writing.
Sheryl Trimble is a southerner by birth and now a southern by choice. With her roots deeply planted in the south. Sheryl feels out of place if she does not have a spring, lake or ocean in sight.
Sheryl is stepping out with her new book "My Lying Eyes" her true story involving a life altering event that first started when she was eleven years old. This will be her first of many books to come until it is all disclosed.

Now with "My Lying Eyes" on the shelves Sheryl Trimble continues her groundbreaking work, as she reveals the greatest disclosure in our time and universe.

No single word is the same in two separate minds ~Sheryl Trimble

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