I Wish I Might

I Wish I Might

by Jocelyn Modo

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Autor: Jocelyn Modo
Umfang: 48 Seite(n)
Sprache: English
Verfasst: Mai 2012
Verkaufsrang: - XinXii Verkaufsrang
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Kategorie: Belletristik » Erotik  |  Publikationsart: Roman
Stichworte: Romance, erotica, sci-fi, love, romance, warrior, Jocelyn Modo

The romantic and spicy adventures of an interstellar peace maker

Lady Calixte is known for spending her nights in the company of handsome spaceforce pilots so when her home planet is invaded and her bed found empty, no one questions her whereabouts. Who would guess she’d stowaway on a ship to plead for help from the most feared man in the galaxy?

Leader Sarin has fought many battles. Now he wonders what is left worth fighting for. Until, that is, the daring Lady Calixte arrives in her sleep gown looking for help. He doesn't doubt he can win the battle to save her people, but can he win her heart?


"...interesting and enjoyable with a love story at the heart. I give this book four red roses."
Maggie @ Red Roses Reviews (http://redrosesforauthors.blogspot.com/)

"...loved this story. It's so hard to find good sci fi romance that I'm always on the hunt so I was thrilled to find this little gem."
5 stars at Buzzillions (www.buzzillions.com)

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Jocelyn may be crazy but writing keeps her from going insane. She grew up reading science fiction and fantasy and fell in love with romance when those girlie hormones kicked in. Nothing makes her day like working on her current manuscript…and nothing makes her crazy like working on her current manuscript. But all’s fair in love and war, and Jocelyn likes to put a whole lot of both in everything she writes.

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