Worlds Beyond Tomorrow (Part Three)

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Language: English
Publication date: 01/04/2019
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Six long and short stories of different genre in 91. 860words
Jason Longfellow had just met the prettiest girl he had ever seen, but what he didn’t know, was that meeting her would change his whole life, in fact, turn the world, as he knew it, upside down.
But then again, there were many things that Jason didn’t know and one of them was his true nature.
Nexus van de Meer, a 28th-century archaeologist, embarked on a journey into the past via time- warp seeking the origin of man. A collision in outer space resulted in an anomaly and total desolation on Earth. In order to re-populate the Earth, she abducted the aliens Sylenta and her Dragon companion and Brevin with his pet Lion Gorg.
Some crimes go unpunished but not every time. There are always the Avenging Angels out to do the work of the lord of Fate as he works in dark and mysterious ways with his many helpers his bloodthirsty wonders to perform.
Most of you will have heard of the myths and legends surrounding strange creatures and heroes, well, I, Robansen DeWood, knew of such things and believed most of them to be true, but what befell me one summer’s day was something beyond myths and being a master archer in His Majesty’s Royal Guard, defender of the poor, protector of the downtrodden, it was my duty to investigate to the full.
In this comedy tale, Anne Lombard, jilted in front of her friends, and with half a bottle of Vodka inside her, meets a well-dressed gentleman who, in her eyes, reminded her of Bela Lugosi, the film actor who played one of the first Dracula’s’ and she told him so. Little did she know what she was letting herself into until it was too late.
In the not too distant future, Angela Dern, FBI undercover operative and covert mission assassin, returns from overseas to find her lover has been murdered. After contacting the police officer in charge of the case, a woman who dies shortly afterwards in a traffic accident she realises that greater forces than her are at work after which she is summoned to the White House.
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About the Author
The author Ellen Dudley, a qualified accountant and ghostwriter, lives with her husband and two small daughters in Germany near the Dutch border after writing, co-writing and editing over ninety books of different genres with her father, author Thomas Jason Edison. The genres are Fantasy. Science-Fiction. Science-Fiction-Fantasy. Crime Thrillers, Romance and tales of the Holocaust.

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