zapping pura vida

Author: richard allan
Pages: 25
Language: English
Publication date: 01/04/2016
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A sci-fi fantasy that takes you from ayahuasca type journeys to alien greys...
A somewhat bizarre sci-fi fantasy story where the main characters blindly brewed and ingested tea from the flowers of the Reina de Noche plant, also know as 'The Devil's Breath' in Colombia, where it is used to rob unsuspecting victims. It removes all of your free-will allowing your captors free reign over your bank account, household goods or whatever. Many victims would awaken the next day after drinking in clubs, with missing organs. It has been deemed, 'The most dangerous drug in the world.' Kaylo is called upon by the alien, Zeta Reticulum greys, on one such journey, who were seeking his companionship with the possibility to join their federation.He made the correct choice...
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Originally from So. California, getting my inspiration from all of the exotic countries i've resided in. I'm now living in paradise, Costa Rica...

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